Qcoat is a penetrating timber oil formulated to protect outdoor timber from the effects of weathering by repelling moisture and improving dimensional stability. Qcoat is specially designed for use with outdoor timber projects such as decks, boardwalks, jetties, bollards, fences and park furniture. Suitable for use with all timber species, Qcoat brings out the warmth and beauty of real natural timber.

The features for Qcoat include:

  • Developed and made in Australia
  • Suitable for treated pine and all hardwood species
  • Oil based for superior penetration and water repellence 
  • Lightly tinted with UV stablisers to enhance natural timber colour

The benefits of using QCOAT:

  • Great value for money compared to alternatives such as water based products
  • Fast and easy to apply with no preparation or weathering required.
  • Doesn't crack or peel, unlike water based coatings 
  • Easy to maintain with no sanding between coats
  • Awesome customer care and product support, just call 07 4123 3455 or email sales@baywood.com.au.