SouthernPine OCHRE Decking

Pre-Stained Pine Decking

SouthernPine OCHRE is H3 treated pine decking with an 'infused' earthy brown colour. OCHRE decking is produced locally from the SouthernPine species which is renowned for its superior strength and stability. Grown in local plantation forests, this unique high density timber gives SouthernPine OCHRE a natural strength advantage. It is 30% stronger than standard pine, and is a refreshing alternative to imported rainforest timbers like Merbau.

SouthernPine OCHRE® evolved from our original 'green coloured' SouthernPine range. After client consultation sessions, engaging with timber industry experts and visiting consumers in the marketplace, our research team developed an earthy red-brown coloured decking that looks like hardwood, but doesn’t cost the Earth. Unfortunately, rainforest timbers like Merbau take 75-80 years to grow and are being harvested at unsustainable levels. In fact, experts warn that at the current logging rates, Merbau could become extinct within the next 35 years. In contrast, SouthernPine is grown and harvested locally in sustainable plantations that are both FSC and AFS certified.

Our goal is to make SouthernPine the 'best value' H3 treated pine decking available on the market by using a cost effective, safe and 100% environmentally friendly processes. The 'earthy brown infusion' provides the ultimate baseline - ready for finishing with oil or water based coatings. Just like any timber decking, a wide range of natural or tinted coatings can be applied depending on your personal preferences. 


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Innovative side-relief angle profile allows debris to pass through between boards
LENGTHS - 2.4, 3.0, 3.6, 4.2, 4.8, 5.4, 6.0
PROFILE - Pencil Round (Reeded one side or Smooth All Round)
SIZE - 90x22
SPECIES - SouthernPine (pinus caribaea/elliottii hybrid)
STAIN - OCHRE | non-toxic, natural, water-based timber stain
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