SouthernPine OCHRE

Pre-Stained & Pre-Oiled Pine Decking

SouthernPine OCHRE is H3 treated pine decking that is pre-stained and pre-oiled with QCOAT Outdoor Timber Oil. This factory applied 4 sided initial coat is designed to provide protection from weathering and to save time on installation. A final top coat of oil after installation is required to seal and protect your finished deck.


✔ Hardwood look without the price tag.

✔ Save time on installation.

✔ Decking boards, stain & oil all in one - just a final coat required.

SouthernPine OCHRE® is treated with an eco-friendly water-based preservative treatment, Tru-Core® WBA. It is used to protect above-ground timber from fungal decay and termites.

QCOAT® is an Australian made penetrating timber oil formulated to protect outdoor timber from the effects of weathering by repelling moisture and improving dimensional stability. QCOAT® is recommended as the final coat for OCHRE®, to ensure consistency.

Why use SouthernPine OCHRE?

  1. Saves time on installation
  2. Sustainable alternative to imported hardwood
  3. Easy to apply top coat
  4. No messy tannin leaching
  5. Hardwood look without the price tag


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LENGTHS - 2.4, 3.0, 3.6, 4.8, 5.4, 6.0 m
PROFILE - Pencil Round (Reeded one side or Smooth All Round)
SIZE - 90x22 mm
SPECIES - SouthernPine (pinus caribaea/elliottii hybrid)
TREATMENT - Tru-Core WBA H3 (external, above ground use)
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