ICONIC Hardwood Decking

Passion & Dedication since 1989

ICONIC Hardwood is an all Australian hardwood decking range. Our Team is passionate about this local beauty and are fully dedicated to providing you with the best long-term supply partner.

ICONIC Hardwood Decking is excellent value for money, easy to install and offers the charming look and feel of natural timber that just can't be replaced.

Unlike plastic and steel, timber is the world's most environmentally friendly building product. It is natural, reusable, recyclable and sustainable.

Learn more about the sustainability of wood here.

We responsibly source hardwood logs from properties throughout Queensland and process them at our sawmill in Granville.

ICONIC Australian Hardwood uses the world renown QLD hardwood species: Spotted Gum, Iron-Gum, Ironbark, Blackbutt, and Blondes.


Spotted gum is a beautiful Queensland species timber, botanically named Corymbia Maculata, and is a unique blend of light coffee browns to dark chocolate, with some grey and reddish tinges.

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Iron-Gum is a blend of beautiful mahogany coloured Queensland Eucalypts, predominately, Forest Red Gum, Ironbark and Grey Gum.

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Ironbark is Queensland Grey and Red Ironbark. Grey Ironbark colours from dark chocolate, and nutty honey hues with some dark reddish browns. The Red Ironbark is a deep crimson red with distinctive sapwood.

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The timber is renowned for both it's strength and versatility of application. Blackbutt is a straight grained timber, with a warm nutty hue. Colours range from a light honey through to golden nutty browns - sapwood is distinctively paler.

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Commonly known as yellow stringybark or white mahogany, this beautiful timber has a warm nut-brown colour with tinges of muddy yellowish-browns.

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Our team of specialist wood machinist craft a number of popular decking & screening sizes, with near perfect surface quality (40x40, 42x19, 65x19, 86x19, 135x19 and 140x25).




ACQ H3 treated - external, above ground use
Available sizes 40x40, 42x19, 65x19, 86x19, 135x19 & 140x25
Highest surface quality
Lengths range from 1.4 - 6.0m
Pre-oiling available
Set-length screening available in 1.2m, 1.8m & 2.4m lengths
Sustainable resource
Used for decks, screens, fences
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